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  • Paul Pike

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“It was a beautifully lit night - a full moon on New Year’s Eve. I was sitting at Glynmill Inn Pond (Corner Brook), and in the middle of that pond were two swans sitting in a hole in the ice. The moon was like a spot light, and as I was thinking of how it felt to be away from people I care about at that time of year, this song came to me. Normally at this time of year, our people would gather to share songs, feast, and reminisce about good times.”

“This song was born in Corner Brook, in what is traditionally known as Elmastukwek, the ‘Bay of Islands’ region. It was recorded with my group Medicine Dream in 2002 and released on the CD, Tomegan Gospem, by Canyon Records.”

Paul Pike
© Paul Pike


MISSING YOU by Paul Pike / Medicine Dream

Msit No’kmaq, Ni’n Kesaluloq
E’e kesaluloq Pjinokwe’ultes
E’tes nikan, apaja’si teskinekik

All my family, I do love you,
Yes I love you.
I’ll always be with you, I will be home, I will be back again someday.

Siwien … kejitu’n kesaluloq
Kejitu’n ti wajalin
Pjinokwe’ultes, Mukk atkitemiw
Apja’si teskinekik

If you are lonely (tired, bored),
Know that I love you, know that I’ll miss you.
I’ll always be with you, don’t you cry;
Cause I’ll be back again someday.
© Paul Pike. Used with permission.

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