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Madison Mouland is a folk musician from Musgrave Harbour, Newfoundland and Labrador. She plays guitar, mandolin and piano, and recently graduated from Memorial University with a degree in comprehensive music, focused in voice. She studied classical music at school, but her heart is in Newfoundland traditional folk music. She has worked as a Cultural Ambassador for the Soundbone Traditional Arts Foundation and has performed folk music all over the province. Madison wrote her first song at the age of 13, and enjoys digging into her family archives, sharing her ancestors’ stories through music.

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SARAH – written and performed by Madison Mouland of Musgrave Harbour

Sarah Bishop was born in the early 1900s. She grew up in Musgrave Harbour in a shack on Big Brook Hill. Sarah’s parents, Elizabeth (Jenny) Bishop and Israel Bishop, were very poor and didn’t send their children to school because they couldn’t afford to buy them shoes to walk there. In spite of their poverty, the Bishops were known as a fun-loving, joyful family who were always laughing and being foolish.

Jenny would spend her days helping people with their gardens so that they would give her some potatoes or cabbages to feed her children. She worked extremely hard for her family and did everything she could for them. One week before Sarah was to be wed, she fell ill and died. As the Bishops couldn’t afford a church funeral, Sarah was buried in her wedding gown on her parents’ property.
Madison Mouland
© Madison Mouland. Used by permission.


SARAH – BY Madison Mouland

Oh the Year was 1931, and Sarah’s life had just begun;
She was set to marry a lovely man, but the universe had other plans.

In seven days they were to wed, and walk the aisle of roses red;
She would have been a blushing bride, but instead, she fell sick and she died.

She was buried in her wedding gown, and the funeral was held in town;
They laid her down in an unmarked grave, next to the ocean and the waves.

What was a young man supposed to say when his true love died before their day?
Young Jackie’s heart was broken still, but he married a girl from up the hill.

He never stopped thinking of her name, young Sarah was his only flame;
It wasn’t long before Jackie died, and once again was by Sarah’s side.

Oh the Year was 1931, and Sarah’s life had just begun;
She was set to marry a lovely man, but the universe had other plans
© Madison Mouland. Used by permission.

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