“St. John's Waltz”
Ron Hynes
From the album Face to the Gale, 1997
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  • Ron Hynes

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Written by Ron Hynes in 1979, the author recalls "The St. John's Waltz was written on a late afternoon after having been on the waterfront watching the Portuguese sailors play soccer and flirt with any girls who happened along." The song has been recorded by the author as well as by The Freels.
Eric West, All Together Now...Songs of Newfoundland & Labrador –Volume 3
© Vinland Music. Reproduced with permission


ST. JOHN'S WALTZ - Ron Hynes

Oh the harbour lights are gleaming and the evening's still and dark,
And the seagulls are all dreaming, seagull dreams on Amherst Rock;
And the mist is slowly drifting as the storefront lights go dim,
And the moon is gently lifting as the last ship's coming in;
All the sailors got a story, some are true, and some are false,
But they're always wrecked and they're up on the deck, dancin' the St. John's Waltz.

Oh we've had out share of history, we've seen nations come and go,
We've seen battles rage over land and stage five hundred years and more;
For glory or for freedom, for country or for king,
Or for money or fame but there are no names on the graves where men lie sleeping;
All the nine to fives survive the day with a sigh and a dose of salts,
And they're parkin' their cars and packin' the bars, dancin' the St. John's Waltz.

Oh my heart is on the highway and I'm sold on goin' to sea,
All the planes fill the skyway the trains run swift and free;
So leave the wayward free to wander, leave the restless free to roam,
If it's rocks in the bay, if it's old cliche, you'll find your way back home;
So don't question or inquire what's been gained, what's been lost,
In a world of romance don't miss out on the chance to be dancin' the St. John's Waltz.

from All Together Now...Songs of Newfoundland & Labrador –Volume 3

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